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District Court Starts to Examine JMAC Resources Inc. Salesman Mix of Business with Pleasure

Customer Relations, Construction, Extramarital affairs, Request of Protection Order, Acting Pro Se and Public Records

Do not adultery commit; Advantage rarely comes of it.”

— Arthur Hugh Clough

POST FALLS, IDAHO, USA, November 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Facing a possibility of a lawsuit, concrete salesman Moldovan Edward Fomenko, learns that having affair with client’s wife, in order to sell concrete, might not be his best sales technique. Now, he filed for Protection Order, case # CV28-21-7016 in District Court of Kootenai County, ID, using his employer JMAC Resources Inc., his Church, his wife Tatyana and father-in-law Bogdan Marish as tools to present JMAC’s client, Mr. Malanchuk, as a dangerous man.

Here is what Mr. Fomenko offered to the Court, asking for Protection Order against JMAC’s client for him and his wife Tatyana:

“Called and harassed the receptionist Oct 20 at work while I am at work. Threatening with lawsuit JMAC and myself, falsifying info and sending it to human resources and the owner of JMAC Previously calling and texting and sending messages through other people and from different numbers after being blocked several times, sending e-mails to my father in law and harassing him And this applyes to my wife as well. Intimidating my wife while driving driving behind him on the road. Sending false information to Center of Life Church where I used to attend”.

Mr. Fomenko’s (Comrad Concrete) complaint might qualified to be on ‘spectrum’. Notably, Mr. Malanchuk doesn’t even know how Mr. Fomenko’s wife car looks like nor have any antipathy toward her, seeing her as a victim of the affair. Further, Mr. Concrete doesn’t allege any calls or contacts by JMAC’s client. Hopefully, Court will allow full discovery, to expose “Comrade Concrete’ ‘world’. Perhaps, Perjury, abuse of process and libel of JMAC’s client needs to be examined. What next is in Mr. Concrete’s bag of legal tricks: rape allegations?

In response to Mr. Fomenko’s ‘legal strategy’ to mitigate or stop exposure, Mr. Malanchuk filed “Motion for Continuance, Discovery and Subpoena or Dismissal” with Declaration and exhibits, which become public records, exposing what happened and consequently, disarming Comrade Concrete ‘he said she said ballet’. It appears that in 2019, Edward Fomenko, went few extra miles in mixing business with pleasures with the client’s wife, breaking a marriage: 3113 texts, 53 pictures, 167 calls during 2019, living no room for interpretation about nature of their relations.

Notably, the ‘concrete romance’ started before concrete was needed for the project and ended as soon as ‘concrete phrase’ of the construction project was practically over.

In February 2020, accidentally, JMAC’s client discovered records and realized why, contrary to his personal dislike of ‘Comrade Concrete’, his housewife was so insistent to deal with ‘good neighbor Ed’: ‘love birds’ Ed and Inna went as far as attempting to create a friendship between each other families, going to restaurants together during relevant period.

One can imagine that Edward Fomenko’s wife, Tatyana, just as dismayed, as Inna’s former husband at such heinous and cynical creativity of Inna and Ed ‘sales team’. Hollywood might take notice or Mr. Concrete’s ‘simply irresistible’ sales talents.

After divorce on Fall of 2020, during summer of 2021, Inna and JMAC’s client’s minor daughter had to move away to on another side of the Country, resulting in long term damages of all types.

Now, a plan is to sue JMAC Resources Inc. and Edward Fomenko for torturous interference in family business and or undue influence on decisions to purchase concrete from JMAC by turning his former wife into his ‘sales agent’ compensated by ‘love and affection’ from JMAC’s ‘maverick’. One of JMAC’s defense strategies might be similar to Tina Turner’s song: ‘What Concrete Got to Do With it?’

Companies with sales force at large must look into practices of their employees with expenses accounts, but weak or flat out twisted morale: mixing business with pleasure could be too costly in the long run. Further, speed of reaction matters: while JMAC might be in assessment mode, Mr. Concrete, intentionally or not, brought the affairs into the Court and consequently, public domain.

Remarkably, Mr. Fomenko JMAC’s business card contains his personal e-mail as well his cell phone. JMAC Resources Inc.’s clients beware: if your wife speaks of Mr. Concrete, there could be more to it than meets an eye.

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