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Desert Roamer Press Is Researching Three New Treasure Stories for a Documentary Series on TV.

Tumacacori Mission

Don Joaquin’s Rock House

Random Tangents: Embracing Adventures in Life

Desert Roamer Press is researching treasure stories for a possible TV documentary series and is looking for an interested production company.

Contact: publisher@desertroamerpress.com

Desert Roamer Press Is Researching Three New Treasure Stories for a Documentary Series on TV.

Greg Hawk, Author, Entrepreneur, and Treasure Hunter has released several treasure hunting videos about Treasure Stories that occurred during an early period of Arizona history. Each video not only tells of a treasure story but also intertwines the history surrounding the story to make it entertaining while being educational. Also included are things to do or see in the area today to make the viewer aware of what is offered if they wish to partake in the adventure. One can view the YouTube videos at: Random Tangents – YouTube

Desert Roamer Press would like to expand these short YouTube videos into a documentary series for TV and is currently looking for an interested production company to team up with. The hook for each story is the treasure and the questions surrounding it as to whether it still exists, has it been found or was it a complete fabrication? By infusing the treasure story with local history during that period it helps draw the viewer into the story as they witness the rough living conditions and the lawlessness of the West.

Currently under research are several treasure stories that took place starting back in the late 1600’s. The Jesuit Order, backed by the Spanish Crown, had started building Missions across the southwest and located rich gold and silver mines in the process. Several missions that were built, in what is now Arizona, comes treasure stories of lost mines and unheard-of treasures left behind. One of the most famous tales pertained to the Tumacacori Mission and the Lost Guadalupe and Tumacacori Mines. They were both supposed to be located a short distance from the mission and held vast wealth and a copper box that contained a map to all the rich mines in the area. The story itself encompasses researching a vast amount of history pertaining to the area while evaluating facts to support or disprove the story of the lost mines and treasures.

A second treasure story is that of Don Joaquin Campoy, a Spaniard, from Guadalajara, Mexico and his venture into the Estrella Mountains which are located just southwest of what is now Phoenix, AZ. Don Joaquin was mining the area for silver and gold when he came across a very rich vein of gold. As his stash of valuable gold was increasing the Pima rebellion of 1751 started. Don Joaquin in his haste to leave the area as the missions were being destroyed, quickly buried 15 burro loads of gold in one of his mines. He was supposedly killed and a map he had showing the location of the mine was taken with the survivors. As the years went by no one ever came back as the Indian uprisings at the time proved to be too dangerous. The old rock house and remnants of an old mine still can be found today in a desolate box canyon. Does the mine still exist with the buried treasure?

The third story is based around Arizona’s Worst Natural Disaster of 1890. It tells of a large dam overtopping and failing thus releasing nine billion gallons of water downstream. The treasure hook is the saloon that disappeared along with a safe containing money and gold. Where was the saloon when it disappeared is a question that has slipped by most treasure hunters? Our thorough research of the story and of the area has given us the clues we need to proceed in a more detailed search of where the saloon was. The final resting place of the safe is not far from where the saloon vanished.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Greg Hawk is the president of Desert Roamer Press, an adventure travel publisher specializing in treasure hunting in the American Southwest. His principal exploration is focused within the state of Arizona with some exploration around the borders with California and New Mexico.

Greg Hawk’s book, Random Tangents: Embracing Adventures in Life, is a memoir detailing a segment of his life that encompassed the many different directions he took and the experiences he had. From his service in Vietnam to becoming an entrepreneur and finally sleeping under the stars as he searched for lost treasures is the telling of a journey of searching for truth while experiencing life through different experiences.

Prior to founding Desert Roamer Press, Hawk was the owner/operator of Fantasy Dive Charters out of Port Douglas, Australia. From this base, he led diving expeditions on the Great Barrier Reef and into the Coral Sea while exploring to find sunken ships and planes.

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