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David Hunter Moore on How Fatherhood Improved His Entrepreneur Mindset

Becoming a father is a milestone for any man says David Hunter Moore

Becoming a father is a milestone for any man says David Hunter Moore

Becoming a dad has shifted business priorities in the right direction, says David Hunter Moore

HERNANDO, , MS, USA, November 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Becoming a father is a milestone for any man. For workaholics, it often becomes a watershed moment where they have to choose whether their priorities lie with family or the workplace. David Hunter Moore recently spoke on why his entrepreneurial spirit was enhanced by the expectation of a first child.

At age 18, David Hunter Moore had started his first company with a lumping company. By age 20, he had also acquired a restoration company, Advantage One, renaming it Moore Advanced. He grew Moore Advanced into a 4M company and had started a waterfowl guide service by age 23. By 25, David Hunter Moore was able to fly helicopters and purchased his own Bell 206 Jet Ranger.

As a self-proclaimed workaholic, David Hunter Moore is now setting his sights on how to be a good dad. This is shifting his perspective, making him a better entrepreneur and business owner in the process.

“With a daughter on the way, my focus has shifted to really consider her and her future,” he says. “All in all, I’ve led a boring workaholic life. There is simply never enough time to get it all done. But I am starting to hone my time-management skills so that I’m not working every hour of the day. I want to make sure she’s taken care of and that my current ventures are as successful as possible.”

Feelings of responsibility are one big difference fatherhood has made on David Hunter Moore’s entrepreneurial mindset. In the past, many of his moves came down to his insight into the needs and strengths of others. He says he didn’t feel a sense of responsibility as a young entrepreneur as much as he felt a sense of passion for bridging a gap in the market. Now, he is experiencing a natural feeling of responsibility—not only for his own daughter but also for the employees he has working for his five ventures.

“I’m learning how to condense my time so that I get work done and call it quits at a reasonable time,” he explains. “It’s not like I would ever walk away from my work, but I’m trying to make it part of my life instead of the central part of my life. This has really given me a new purpose that is driving my professional life, and it’s definitely been a positive thing.”

Having a new purpose gives Moore the “why” needed to reshape his business mindset and organize his approach, he says. Responsible entrepreneurs know why they do what they do. Moore says he is only experiencing increased success with his newfound approach to stop working so much and focus on a healthier work-life balance.

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