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Dale Tenhulzen Featured in Exclusive Interview

Dale Tenhulzen recently spoke out in an interview about having an entrepreneurial mindset and always being optimistic

CODY, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a recent interview with Thrive Global, Dale Tenhulzen shared what he has learned throughout his career as an entrepreneur.

With several years of experience in fundraising and life insurance, Dale Tenhulzen has recently acquired the first licenses in the state of Wyoming to grow and process hemp through a company called Mother’s Hemp Farms, LLC. He also bought another company, Gluten Free Oats, in March 2020.

In his interview, Dale Tenhulzen explained that he decided to create his own business because from a young age, he was always independent-minded and liked working for himself.

“I’ve always considered myself to be unemployable because I am an entrepreneurial type and a risk taker. I have had to recreate myself many times over,” said Dale Tenhulzen.

He also explained that he loves his industry because he loves the benefits of hemp for every human and for the atmosphere. He noted that the plant is quite complex, providing medicine, oils, and even food for industry uses. He also explained how hemp can protect the environment by being used to create biodegradable bottles and to make paper.

Further, Dale Tenhulzen explained what keeps him motivated.

“I am motivated by challenges and by being involved in something that will benefit individuals,” said Dale Tenhulzen.

“By getting involved with hemp in Wyoming, the farmers here are in dire straits for a new crop because they keep losing money with sugar beets and barley crops. I am excited about being able to give them a dual crop of oats and hemp and help the local farmers get back on their feet.”

About Dale Tenhulzen

With a plethora of experience across multiple industries, Dale Tenhulzen is currently an entrepreneur in the hemp industry. He began his career in San Diego, where he worked in fundraising from 1981 to 2008, helping raise over $300 million for several non-profits. When the economy crashed in 2008, Mr. Tenhulzen found himself in a unique situation when he had to change careers. He got his life insurance license and began a seminar program called the Live Wealthy Institute. He was teaching four different seminars on the topics of tax-free retirement, long-term care protection, using simple interest and compound interest to your advantage by becoming your own bank, and purchasing life settlements, existing life insurance policies at a discount that people don’t want anymore. Most recently, Dale moved to Wyoming and acquired the first license in the state to grow hemp and to process hemp through this company, Mother’s Hemp Farms, LLC (MHF). Dale has also purchased Gluten Free Oats (GFO) in March of 2020 and plans to introduce hemp hearts into the product line and create a high-protein, gluten-free oatmeal mix.

Dale Tenhulzen
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