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CMY Cubes Offer Educational Outlet With Its Original and Subsequent CMY Cube Designs

The Collectors Pack

The Collectors Pack

The founders of CMY Cubes

The founders of CMY Cubes

The Original CMY Cube

The Original CMY Cube

CMY Cubes has designed a magnificent sensory toy that is taking the public by storm.

We love knowing that we created something that people not only wanted but needed”

— Gabi Saper

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — CMY Cubes has designed a magnificent sensory toy that is taking the public by storm with its many designs, styles and sizes. These seemingly magical colour-defying cubes, tetrahedrons, icosahedrons and more are captivating the world. The product’s immediate success is the result of creating a unique, visually-appealing product combined with an innovative digital marketing strategy. Shortly after its launch, CMY Cubes went viral on Reddit and TikTok.

This rise in popularity led to a 1200% increase in growth during the first six months of 2021.

CMY Cubes uses electromagnetically subtractive materials that appear cyan, magenta or yellow. As the cube is turned or twisted, it creates an all-new colour combination. They can be made into an array of shapes to fit the user’s desire. Educators can use the CMY cubes to help teach their students about light refraction, colour mixing, angles, geometry and more.

Co-founder Gabi Saper elaborates further, “As with many people, COVID put us in an extremely difficult financial situation with work drying up for Lorenzo during the peak of lockdown. This gave him a little more time on his hands to find a new way to make ends meet.”

Saper went on to say Lorenzo is a bit of a science nerd, and they both have always loved experimenting and making new things. The pair came up with the idea for making CMY Cubes. They didn’t realise is that it would be as big of a hit all around the world.

“We love knowing that we created something that people not only wanted but needed,” she said.

CMY Cubes will soon launch more than six products in the first part of 2022, giving the interested public an additional 25 curiously designed shapes and sizes. The company is currently working on more designs and is partnering with a popular science kit by YouTuber, VSauce, set for a tentative release date in March. A portion of its profits is going to support a non-profit organisation and further STEM fields.

The original and the newest CMY Cubes can be purchased at www.cmycubes.com.au. Prices start at $28, with the original CMY Cube offered for $40.

About CMY Cubes

After the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, engineer Lorenzo Gonzalez and marketer Gabi Saper decided to think outside the box and develop a bold idea that would spur the founding and growth of CMY Cubes. The pair continued to foster other ideas to ensure the company’s original CMY Cube was not the only product they would offer.

Today, the company offers an array of styles, designs and sizes that will please and entertain the customer.

Gabi Saper
CMY Cubes
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