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Base64.ai’s Contextual No-Model Document Data Extraction AI Reduced Healthcare Data Entry from 10 Days to 30 Seconds

Base64 AI OCR Tool

Base64 AI OCR Tool

Base64.ai Logo

Base64.ai Logo

Automate Data Extraction With AI

Automate Data Extraction With AI

While 99% of documents are still processed manually, Base64.ai’s document no-model data extraction AI gets the work done accurately and in seconds.

Our mission at Base64.ai is simple: We want to eliminate manual data entry by extracting text, photos, signatures, and information from all document types, no matter how complex.”

— Ozan Eren Bilgen, Founder at Base64.ai.

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Base64.ai, a new RPA AI company out of New York City, is solving the age-old problem of manual data entry – a process notoriously fraught with errors and time consumption. Base64.ai is an AI service helping companies automate data extraction and reduce the hours spent organizing, processing, and managing data. Unlike any AI OCR tool before, Base64.ai’s revolutionary no-model AI platform can read and understand almost any new document with the extensive AI model training required for other platforms.

“Our mission at Base64.ai is simple: We want to eliminate manual data entry by extracting text, photos, signatures, and information from all document types, no matter how complex,” said Ozan Eren Bilgen, Founder at Base64.ai. “We do this with our proprietary AI that can accurately extract data from images and return them in a simple to integrate JSON format in mere seconds.”

Base64.ai’s automation solution lets companies instantly process data from over 700+ document types, including driver licenses, IDs, passports, visas, invoices, forms, vehicle registrations, and more. The RPA AI company’s software also executes facial and voice recognition, supporting fraud protection efforts across a wide range of media. The versatility of the AI-based software, the extensive list of documents it can process out-of-the-box, and its ability to scale infinitely into the cloud makes it a progressive solution for companies looking to increase efficiency and modernize their systems without expensive upfront commitments.

Working closely with some of the leading organizations in automation and AI, such as AWS, Microsoft, and UiPath, Base64.ai aims to bring data automation solutions to all industries.

The insurance industry is one such example that requires tons of data to be collected, verified, and processed accurately and efficiently. By utilizing Base64.ai’s AI services, forms like the “Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)” and the “ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability (COI)” are easily processed and validated, reducing hours and eliminating errors seen with manual entry.

“Base64.ai extracts all 93 fields from an ACORD 25 COI including coverages and limits. In just under ten seconds, Base64.ai compares the form data against your insurance minimums, which means your clients can themselves correct the insurance form without needing your team to identify and act on discrepancies.” – Ozan Eren Bilgen, Founder at Base64.ai.

In a recent partner use case with a US healthcare company, Base64.ai was able to take the manual data entry and processing workload of Statement of Benefits and Coverage forms from 10 days down to just 30 seconds, replacing countless hours of employee work and streamlining their services. While Base64.ai’s automation services proved a huge initial win for the company, they decided to sign a long-term agreement in June, allowing for improved scope and accuracy of their automation solutions using Base64.ai’s AI software. As a result, the US-based healthcare company is currently the only company worldwide with its form processing capacity.

As data automation technologies advance, companies will likely adopt AI-based software services at a much higher rate. Huard Smith, Vice President of Forrester, publicly predicted that up to 73% of all cubicle-related jobs involving clerical tasks and data entry will be replaced by automation services by 2030. Companies like Base64.ai will continue to push the envelope for data automation services, offering tangible solutions to those looking not to get left behind.

Explore how Base64.ai’s AI-based data automation services can support your business at https://base64.ai.

Ready to take Base64.ai’s automation services for a test drive? Follow this link to start your free demo.

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