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Ayden Hector on the Top Issues College Students Care About

WSU student Ayden Hector discusses issues college students care for

WSU student Ayden Hector discusses issues college students care for

Students Are Passionate About Climate Change, Equality, Justice, and College Costs, Says Ayden Hector

YARROW POINT,, WA, USA, December 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — College is a time of exploration, and many students are gathering new perspectives from their professors, courses, and peers and lending those perspectives to current affairs. Top issues for college students are climate change, racial justice, gender equality, and college costs, says WSU student Ayden Hector.

Climate Change

Environmental courses are popular on campuses, and the percentage of students who believe the government should act to curb climate change is rising says Ayden Hector. A 2019 Harvard poll showed that 49 percent of young people thought the government should curb climate change even at the expense of economic growth. In 2015, only 32 percent felt that way. College students believe climate change is already happening and are seeking action now, he says.

Racial Justice

Most college students believe that racial justice is still a pressing issue, and about 55 percent of college activism in Northern America and Europe is aimed at this issue, he says. Students are increasingly asking to see records of campus police actions or to have the university include more black-owned businesses on supplier lists. They also often advocate for the paying of reparations to indigenous peoples. 

Students, however, are not looking strictly at government or institutions to achieve racial justice, but are volunteering for organizations that help level the playing field. For example, some volunteer to tutor disadvantaged teens (many of whom are nonwhite) to help them achieve college admissions, he said.

Gender Equality

College students also are interested in several issues surrounding gender equality, including pay gaps and sexual misconduct. Women with bachelor’s degrees still typically make less than men with associate’s degrees, and men with bachelor’s degrees make as much as women with master’s degrees. College students are seeking ways to lessen this pay gap. Many also have joined national movements such as #MeToo, he says.

College Costs

Student loan debt surpassed $1.6 trillion in 2019, as tuition costs at many colleges continue to rise. Students are split on what to do about the problem of student debt. About half of them favor only modest changes or no changes in repayment options, while another half favor forgiveness for some or all students. Some believe that college tuition should be free or heavily subsidized, while others do not, he says. 

About Ayden Hector

Ayden Hector is a sophomore at WSU. He actively volunteers to help the disadvantaged through assembling and delivering emergency food boxes and leading B. Box, which cooperates with a local shelter to provide birthday celebrations for homeless teens. He also volunteers as a counselor at football and basketball camps for younger students. 

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