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Artist Machi Shares Why the Online Platform Works Wonders for Both Fans and Artists

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Marilou “Machi” Burnel – Photo by Nadia Zheng Photography

You start on social media with all the perks as if you were already there for a while, which is critical to build an audience and make revenue”

— Marilou Audrey Burnel a.k.a Machi

MONTREAL, QC, CANADA, December 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Marilou Audrey Burnel a.k.a Machi releases an update to her CBC interview last spring. The artist announces the success of her shift to an online platform along with a grand conclusion for the year 2021. She was asked to share how she managed to move on to a full-fledged online base. Now she provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes story.

“At the time, I explained that it wasn’t just about making the shift online. There were already plenty of artists online, connecting with fans for a long time already. I explained that those who needed to make that turn must adapt to the platform. The lack of motivation from not seeing your audience could also impact mental health”, says Machi.

Six months after that interview, Machi talks about observing a significant improvement in the tools available for artists to go online. Distributors and streaming services have teamed up to make the switch easier for everyone. “You start on social media with all the perks as if you were already there for a while, which is critical to build an audience and make revenue”, says Machi.

To help adapt content to online platforms, multiple formats have emerged this year. They have been crucial in integrating artists into the existing content like Twitter Spaces, Shorts on YouTube, etc.

On the other hand, the interaction between fan and artist has entirely transformed for the better. In the past, it was just a one-sided relationship with the artist providing their fans with updates. However, now it has become normal to have a real, two-way relationship, with this trend growing among online content creators. This is getting normalized and has strengthened the relationship between fans and artists.

Marilou Audrey Burnel known as Machi is a Canadian dance music producer, songwriter, and composer. Her music is available for streaming on all major platforms. She continues to produce exciting new music, with a growing fanbase across the continent.

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