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Arian Azarbar and Mavera Projects Enters Partnership with Makro Development

Arian Azarbar

Arian Azarbar

Mavera Projects is the most impactful housing manufacturer in Başakşehir.

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, November 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renowned Arian Azarbar and his company, Mavera Projects, is pleased to announce its official partnership with Makro Development.

Mavera Projects is a superior housing development company distinguished with high customer satisfaction, always offering quality standards and innovative functions as the new benchmark in housing quality. The company sets the standards for the most luxurious homes in the district and is naturally the first stop for those looking to become homeowners in Başakşehir.

In the company’s latest news, Mavera Projects and its founder, Arian Azarbar, has entered into a partnership with Makro Development. With two decades of experience in modular housing manufacturing and assembly, the companies are excitedly launching Mavera Palaces, Park Mavera 1, Park Mavera 2, Park Mavera 3, Park Mavera 4 Lounge, Mavera Homes, Mavera Residence and Mavera Comfort projects. Mr. Azarbar was the lead social housing developer in Venezuela during 2007 to 2012 and worked directly with the late president, Hugo Chavez, where he saw the development and construction of 10,000 social housing units across Venezuela.

Additionally, as an Iranian and Canadian citizen, Mr. Azarbar has also manufactured hundreds of housing projects in Montreal, Canada. He is bringing a patented precast technology to Turkey that was developed in Granby, Quebec, where it showed incredible resistance and performance in extreme Canadian weather. The manufacturing plant was inaugurated in September 2021, where the Turkish President, Mr. Tayyip Erdoğan, and Minister of Industry, Mustafa Varank, were present. Many other housing developments will also be announced very soon using this state-of-the-art technology.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with this ground-breaking partnership,” says Mr. Azarbar. “We know this will be perhaps the most significant housing development in recent years and we are thrilled to begin our journey.”

For more information about Arian Azarbar and Mavera Projects, please visit https://maveraprojects.com/.

About Mavera Projects

Mavera Projects are special residential projects that bear the distinction of offering a top-notch return on investment across all stages of development in Istanbul. They have gone above and beyond expectations, offering high profits for investors who view real estate investments from a trademark Makro perspective.

Arian Azarbar
Mavera Projects


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