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Allpacked is Revolutionizing Travel by Offering at Destination Clothing Rental

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, AllPacked, Inc., a clothing rental company currently specializing in jackets launched its website. Their designer clothes are available for rent to make people’s travel lightweight by reducing what they need to bring on a trip.

Although a U.S. company, Allpacked is currently operating in Mexico City, Mexico. With plans to expand to major cities across the globe over the next five years. Within 45 minutes of launch, Allpacked had its first customer.

“Our plan is simple. To make traveling better by offering a service product that reduces the amount of clothes, aka bags, that people have to bring with them when they travel.” – Shah Khan, CEO.

Allpacked aims to revolutionize the way people travel by eliminating the need to bring bags of clothes on a trip—making travel truly ultra-lightweight. They are accomplishing this by providing the best fashion for rent within a convenient process at an affordable price. Topped off by one-hour delivery to anywhere in Mexico City, Mexico.

Allpacked is working towards operating in every major city across the globe so no matter where people go, they can look their best while carrying as little as possible. Their clothes are sourced from local boutiques and distributors to ensure their customers access authentic fashion within the region.

Allpacked is offering 20% off of any of their clothes for first-time customers. Use the code: ALLPACKED20

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