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Acclaimed Restaurant Owner, Lenny Rosenberg, Examines Vaccine Card Verification in the Restaurant Industry

Lenny Rosenberg

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, November 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As the pandemic is rolling into its final stages and restaurants are getting busier and more open for customers to patronize on a daily basis, we face a now another new hurdle the government has bestowed on us, verifying vaccine cards of any customer walking through the door to eat inside a restaurant.
This means if any customer does not have a vaccine verification card they are not allowed in? Are we living in Nazi Germany?
This issue and others are discussed on Lenny’s last interview on Fox Business News.


For the last couple years restaurants have been fighting Covid-19 and the pull back of the average consumer while instituting and spending inordinate amounts of monies to put all the rules of the government to hold back the virus like glass between customers, tables six feet apart, seating outdoors, and masks & shield warn by employees and customers.

Now we face a new road block, Verification of vaccine cards in Los Angeles. This is crazy says Lenny Rosenberg the Michael Jordan of the restaurant industry.

The order impacts operators of:

Outdoor mega events.
Bars, wineries, distilleries, nightclubs and lounges for indoor services.
Restaurants and food facilities.

This law opens up Pandora’s box. Which will open up all sorts of new road blocks for restaurants like when a customer is vaccinated and forgets their vaccine card or does not have their phone on them to prove they are vaccinated, what is the employee supposed to do throw the customer out in front of the public(crazy). How about when a customer forges a vaccine card, how is the employee supposed to distinguish a real one from a fake one (even crazier).

This will only deter restaurants business even more, as the cases have come down in the United States and Los Angeles restaurants need the rules abated to move on and stay open

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