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“A recent survey revealed that a new trend appears Ken’s Anglers takes top honors in the “Ideal Vacation 2022″ category”

Ken’s Anglers

This year’s Ideal Vacation winners, Ken’s Anglers for 2022

The upcoming 2022 fly fishing season in Colorado is fast approaching for Ken’s Anglers”

— Ken Robak

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, November 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A recent survey revealed that a new trend appears to be gripping the nation, as Colorado Fly Fishing guide, Ken Robak and his site www.kens-anglers.com, take the top honors in the “Ideal Vacation 2022” category.

So, what’s the big draw? Among the answers provided to “Why was it so good for you?” respondents raved not just about the fly-fishing experience in general, but also about the eminent expertise, hospitality and wry humor or their host, Ken Robak and his team.

But the accolades went far deeper than that. Frequently cited was the sheer thrill of the game, the unforgettable, almost primal feelings of being one with nature, the excitement, the fresh air – and the fabulous company of fellow anglers.

Even “newbie” anglers were overwhelmed. “I never expected this to be so much fun”, wrote one respondent; “This will be the only way I will spend my vacations from now on”, wrote another.

Experienced anglers, too, had nothing but the highest praise for Ken and his team. “Having the right guide with you is more than half the success,” said Earl Johnson, one of Ken’s regulars, “Ken goes way beyond the call of duty and makes absolutely sure you’ll have a time of your life!”

But there’s more to Ken’s Anglers guided fly fishing tours than just fishing. Who knew that nymphing for rainbow trout in the South Platte River of Colorado could be so much fun!

Planning a Colorado fly fishing holiday has been rated as the best way to spend a vacation not just for the fly fisherman, but perhaps more importantly, also for their families. Kids, especially, just love it.

“Fly fishing getaways in Colorado have a huge appeal for anglers from all over the US, Canada and other countries, “says Ken Robak, the founder of Ken’s Anglers who recently hosted groups of European and Asian anglers eager to taste the joys of the American West. “I enjoy the shared time on the water with some really great people. Each season my professional outfitter guides and I look forward to making wonderful piscatorial memories, with our fishing guests and families here in Colorado.”
Robak, a former aerospace employee, is a seasoned and highly professional angler, and has been offering guided fishing trips to over forty different locations around Colorado that are suited for anglers of any level of experience for over 30 years now.

“We get anglers of all types, from the novice to the seasoned. Our experienced guides can customize your fishing experience. We cover from Denver to the western stretches of this scenic state, the Colorado River, Decker’s, Middle Fork of the South Platte, to private water on Long Meadow and Boxwood Gulch and plenty of places in between. Many of our guests return year after year for the Colorado outdoor experience,” Robak stated.

The upcoming 2022 fly fishing season in Colorado is fast approaching. Needless to say, the best guide services fill up fast. Robak advises you take some time and browse thru the website when you plan on booking a trip and fishing in Colorado, “Always remember to have backup dates in mind in the event of previous bookings.” Robak also commented.

This year’s Ideal Vacation winners, Ken’s Anglers, also offer half day and full day walk-and-wade trips, and private water or public water trips are available as well. For more information on fly fishing getaways in Colorado visit, www.kens-anglers.com.

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