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10 Ways to Achieve Automotive Service Excellence with Great Customer Service

Customer happy as a result of automotive service excellence with great customer service

Automotive Service Excellence

mykaarma has applied known customer service skills to the automotive service sector. Learn how to achieve automotive service excellence with these 10 tips.

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The U.S. automotive service market is expected to reach 75 Billion USD by 2026. With a host of aftermarket competitors all trying to win over Franchise Dealer service customer business, it is crucial for dealers to master impeccable customer service to secure and grow their respective market share.

Customers today are tech-savvy and have higher expectations for customer service. Software alone is not the solution, however, a complete operating system for dealer fixed operations can eliminate unnecessary tasks, make more tasks fast and easy to complete, and ultimately optimize the customer interaction management for an entire service department. When this happens, service teams are more responsive, they have the tools and data to make fast accurate customer service decisions. They simply perform at their best, and the automotive service excellence associated with great customer service is easily achieved.

Here are ten valuable ways of achieving automotive service excellence through great customer service:

1. Listen Actively to Customers

Listening is the ultimate key to good customer service that can result in automotive service excellence. It is important to actively listen to the concerns and questions of customers and provide them with the right responses.

Providing multi-channel communication convenience with the option to text, email, and call service advisories directly is one way to apply technology to streamline listening activity. Communication platforms that offer all three channels pointing customers to one point of contact, as well as the ability to record conversations, make it easier to listen and refer back to customer requests.

2. Be Knowledgeable About Services and Products

Without fully understanding the services and products being offered, one can’t properly assist customers. Be sure to have extensive knowledge about the services and products.

This can include knowing if there are any outstanding recalls or if the required parts are in stock for a needed repair. An operating system that integrates with recall and parts inventory readily provide this information to the service advisor for a prompt response and well-managed customer interaction where expectations are set that your dealership can confidently meet.

3. Help Clients Help Themselves

Often customers just want to solve their issues themselves. A high number of customers try to take matters into their own hands before asking for assistance. Offering them the right resources to help do this.

For instance, assist customers by providing them with online payment options. Be able to accept all major forms of payments that eliminate the wait time for customers, provide simplified reconciliation as all transactions are logged through one system.

4. Be Clear in Communication

Communicating clearly, both in writing and verbally, is one of the major factors in providing good customer service. One way to do this is through video inspections. Sending a customer a complete video that clearly details what their car needs, and makes it easy for them to view and accept recommendations, is a powerful method for effective communication.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Admit Mistakes

Misunderstanding the needs of the customer might happen from time to time. Don’t try to hide it. Instead, be transparent and own up to the mistake.

Sometimes the customer makes mistakes too. This can be difficult to address, but communication platforms that help record customer responses and requests can be used to politely confirm what was agreed upon, significantly reduce misunderstandings, and save the dealership money.

6. Offer Customized Service

Customers want to feel valued. They want to be treated as individuals. Therefore, it is crucial to offer them personalized service.

For automotive service excellence, consider services like pickup and delivery. In some service scenarios, it may make sense to bring the service to the customer with mobile solutions. Consider other transportation options as well, like integrating uber into the transportation options.

7. Learn Continuously

Automotive service excellence cannot be achieved in a single day. It takes time, effort, and practice. Constant learning can help gradually earn that position as the best customer service is offered. Be willing to work on skills, take constructive feedback, and learn from experiences.

Additionally, an operating system for fixed operations that learns for you, taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, may help identify when a customer is upset in advance of a response. Such a system can keep track of recommendations that were declined in the past, or even help the customer remember their VIN for accurate vehicle identification.

8. Always Promptly Respond

Another major factor of outstanding customer service is being available for customers and promptly responding to their queries and concerns. Customers appreciate quick responses, particularly if there is a time-sensitive issue.

Try returning their calls, texts, or emails within the next 24 hours. Once again, a reliable communications platform that offers multiple channels for customer preference will help make your team shine in this area of customer interaction management.

9. Be Proactive in Helping Customers

As mentioned earlier, customers appreciate it when providers go the extra mile to provide them with excellent customer service. This sometimes means anticipating the needs of your customers before they share them.

Automated integration with tire repair detection systems like Hunter Tire and Tire Profiles can give teams advance notice of customer tire needs as they pull in for service.

10. Always Keep Promises

Keeping a promise will create a stronger bond and build trust. Customers always remember the promise a company or a representative made to them and expect them to follow through. If that promise is broken due to unexpected circumstances, apologize and offer something extra to show them that they are valued.

Service Excellence and Great Customer Service

Providing outstanding customer service can certainly help achieve automotive service excellence. Follow through with the commitments made, understand customer needs, and deliver the best service. Great customer service skills are crucial for the success of any dealership.

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